Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions about being a vendor at the Inglewood Night Market.

Hundreds of vendors participate in the markets and our inboxes always take the brunt of it. We are happy to answer your questions, but it might take some time, so we recommend referring to this list first before reaching out.  

With that being said, if you don’t find the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

What’s the application process to become a vendor? First, you must complete the vendor application on our website. The markets are curated and juried to achieve a desirable mix of handmade, locally sourced and locally designed products. Only vendors that meet our market eligibility criteria will be contacted.

After I complete my application, when can I expect to receive a response? Only vendors selected to participate in the markets will be contacted. You can expect to receive a response within two weeks of applying. If you do not receive a response within that time frame it means that your products did not meet our criteria OR we have an over saturation of that particular product and have reached our maximum capacity for that product at the markets. 

Which products do not meet the market's eligibility criteria? Products manufactured or designed outside of Canada, wholesale items. Too many of the same type of products. This includes but is not limited to: candles, subliminal message gifts on cups, tumblers or t-shirts, permanent jewelry, hot sauce.

I received a response about my successful application and given a link to register and pay. I’ve completed registration and payment. What are the next steps? Stay tuned! Someone from our team will email you two weeks prior to each market date to provide set up instructions. If you do not receive an order confirmation after registration, please contact us. 

When do I find out about my booth location and set up details? Vendor setup instructions are emailed two weeks before each market date and include set up details, arrival times and booth location. Market organizers are responsible for placing vendors. Location requests cannot be guaranteed. 

What is the difference between a shared booth and a regular 10 x 10 booth and what is included? A shared booth is two separate businesses sharing a 10 x 10 space with a pop up tent provided by the market. Each of the two businesses receives a 6 foot table. If you know who you’d like to share your booth with, both parties must indicate that in their registration. A regular 10 x 10 booth is one business who receives an 8 foot table from the market and brings their own pop up tent.

Are tents provided? Shared booths receive a tent. Regular 10 x 10 booths must bring their own tent. You must have a tent. The market rents tents to vendors. Please contact us if you need to rent a tent. 

Tent and booth requirements: Max 10 x 10 in size. CAN ULC S109 or CPAI 84 fire rated. 25 pound weights for EACH leg of the tent and securely fastened to the frame of the tent. All displays and tables must remain underneath your tent and within the 10 x 10 space allotted. The market adheres to strict emergency access city regulations.  

Are we allowed to share a booth space with another vendor? Sharing space is allowed if you are sharing with a business that is also in your vendor category. All display items and product shelves must remain within the 10 x 10 space allotted.

Can I play music at my booth or have performances at my booth? Amplified music and performances are not permitted.

Do I require a city permit or business license to be a vendor? No. 

Am I allowed to hand out marketing materials? Yes, however all engagement with attendees must take place at your booth. Canvassing the crowd is not permitted throughout the market site. 

Can I drive my vehicle onto the street to set up and tear down? Yes. Organizers determine when it is safe for vehicles to access the street. When unloading or packing up, park AS CLOSE to your booth space as possible to allow for the flow of traffic.  

What marketing materials are provided by the market for vendors? When set-up instructions are sent, the festival will provide a high-resolution logo and graphic to use in your own marketing.  General event marketing is done through our social media and website. We also have partnerships with local news media and sponsors. The festival does not promote participating vendors individually

What marketing requirements are expected from vendors? Vendors are expected to promote the market through their social media. It is an asset to have an online presence in order to promote your business and the market. The market is responsible for promoting the event and getting coverage of the market.

What if the market happens to be canceled? Inglewood Night Market is a rain or shine event. No refunds will be provided if canceled due to force majeure events like extreme weather, emergency response plans or city of Calgary police enforcement. 

Is there Wifi available? No

Is there power available? No

Is there a water hookup available? No

Is there grey water removal available? No

Are generators allowed? No

Can food trucks and food trailers use generators? Yes. The market encourages inverter generators because they are much quieter and reduce emissions. 

Do I need insurance? We recommend holding general liability insurance for your business but it is not required to participate. 

If I need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, do I get my registration fee back?No refunds are provided. It is possible to contact the organizer to inquire about a vendor waitlist (if we are sold out of space) and the potential to sell your space to another vendor. This is not guaranteed and requires approval from the organizer before arranging to sell your space.

Can I book multiple booths and can they be side-by-side, or in different locations? Yes, you can. During registration, indicate on your form if you want your booths in the same location or different locations. 

Are we allowed to sell alcohol? Off sales only and only if you are an Alberta Craft Liquor and Beer manufacturer who holds a Class D license for selling off sales. Sampling is permitted in maximum 2 ounce cups and must be done at your booth. The booth manager is responsible for enforcing AGLC regulations. It is illegal to consume open alcohol in public and vendors are encouraged to remind their customers of this upon purchase.

Are we allowed to offer cannabis consumption? No

You are sold out. Is there a waitlist? Yes. Contact us to get on our waitlist. Provide the date you wish to participate.